25 July 2012

First Impressions Don't Count

This blog has been alive for well over a year now and until 3 days ago it had one very lonesome post. I started it as a means to vent my creative soul. That is, the very little creativity I had left after writing for another blog, my business blog. Of course as things go I got bored, didn't have time, procrastinated (whatever excuse'll do) and so resulted in another boring blog that has sat here untouched - until now. Well that other blog, my business blog, is finished, so I thought this would be the prime opportunity to start fresh on this new venture. I can't promise it will be interesting or worth your time but hey you've stumbled upon it now so you might as well stay. And since I have an uncanny knack of sucking at first impressions I'm going to leave it there - no about me, no about this blog. Curious?

Image source unknown.

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