16 August 2012

People Say The Darndest Things

I was once told I resembled Ann Margaret. 
Emphasis on the word once.


Brvtvs, delicate jewellery at it's finest. Hailing all the way from the 'Big Apple'. 
I'm in love, but the international postage cost is killing me. 
Le sigh...

01 August 2012

Counting Sheep

Trawling the internet before bed is the worst. You're trying to unwind from your day. Perusing your usual favourite blogs. Then one click leads to another. And then another. And soon your pre-agreed bed time (yes, I do have to be at work at 8 in the morning) is blown completely out the window because it is now 2am and your eyes are falling out of your head and your mind is in overdrive. You've just discovered all these little pockets of creative awesomeness that weren't there this afternoon when you were actually looking for them. Ideas that were mediocre this morning are now actually brilliant because you have unearthed their full potential with all this new inspiration. Your mind is now just a blur of possibilities. The need to fall asleep apparent, the urge a distant memory.

The internet, it's a cruel temptress.

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