08 October 2012

Honesty Isn't Dead

Tavi Gevinson: I feel bad for these designers who have to do all these extra collections I don't understand how you can be inspired enough to make all that.

Iris Apfel: Well they're not! And I don't think a lot of them have the talent for it, I think a lot of them are media freaks.

Lula Magazine, Issue 14.

Iris Apfel - business woman, designer and icon.

I love Iris Apfel, just as much as I love Tavi, both are incredibly honest when it comes to the fashion industry and I find them both oddly comforting. In the latest issue of Lula, Tavi interviews Iris Apfel and it is brilliant - Exhibit A: The above quote, it's perfect.

I love clothes I always have. I love making them and wearing them (and I especially love it, when I make clothes and other people wear them).  To be honest though, I'm not a fan of the so called 'fashion industry' and all that it represents. Now I don't want to sound like a boring cynic (I'm trying my best to shed those detrimental personal traits) but I have spent the better part of the last five years on the fringe of the 'fashion industry' with my beloved and now defunct label Sanoii + Six. At times it was disheartening having industry bigwigs and consumers alike constantly at us for new pieces. We created two ranges a year, one winter and one summer and that used to be enough. Man, it was exhausting enough just creating those two! It got to a stage however, where we were hounded for new ranges only weeks after one range had just been released! I am aware that this is how the industry rolls working months ahead, but it baffles me why we all can't just embrace what is right in front of us, instead of becoming bored within what feels like seconds. I guess this is just a smaller blip in a bigger problem that I'm having with this world. It is comforting to know that in this mass produced, consumer driven universe we are currently residing in, that there are people like Tavi and Iris. Two women from varying generations, both idolised figures within their chosen industry that have a unique honest voice. Now there is nothing shocking about these thoughts or ideas, but I love stumbling across these things that you can wholeheartedly relate too. Kinda makes my day.

Image via pinterest. Original source is sadly unkown.
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