27 November 2012

Made You Look

Twenty-Seven Names have just started a tumblr. Hooray! Whilst generally I loathe tumblrs, this one is the exception and I will tell you why? Because you find diddlies like these that may have slipped through the proverbial crack that is the world wide web, unnoticed. You can also find all of their archived lookbook images in one place. Saweeeeeet! 

 Oh and yes, I do realise I've posted yet another video. Woops.

21 November 2012

Small Faces

Two very near and dear people to me are having an exhibition. Hip hip hooray! Favourite brother of mine Allan Wilson and my babe'n good pal Sharnayla Page are exhibiting a quirky collection of images and sketches. Opening night is in two weeks at the Central Coast's hippest haunt The Glass Onion Society, delightfully located in Long Jetty. If you are out and about it's bound to be a butt load of fun and I thoroughly suggest you stop by!  

20 November 2012

A Dying Art

Ok, so I know I'm only a few posts into this new blog and well I've already blogged several videos which I know, technically don't count as blog posts. It's just so hard not to share when there are so many amazing clips out there waiting to be seen! This one is no exception.

 I stumbled upon this clip over at the Fiona Heather blog (formerly Eleanors Riot). It is beautifully shot and "shows the process of lace making from one of the last surviving Scottish factories, MYB Textiles." It's quite poetic, in all it's dirty gritty glory. 

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