12 December 2012


This song has been stuck in my head for days. 
I'm ok with that.

11 December 2012

Weekend Madness

It feels as if the last few months have been a whirlwind of craziness. Actually I'll re-phrase, this year has been a whirlwind of craziness. So much has been going on and yet it also feels like nothing much has changed. I can say with confidence that for me, this year has been an exhausting one. As the end of the year creeps closer, and also possibly the end of the world, it was fun to squeeze in some creative catchups with old friends this past weekend.

Friday night saw the opening of a month long exhibition of beautiful pieces by my insanely talented brother Allan and equally skilled, good friend Sharnayla Page. Both share some rad skills behind the lens and Sharnayla is just as adept with a pencil in hand. The mixed media exhibition called 'Small Faces' is now showing at The Glass Onion Society in Long Jetty and is a lovely collection of people and places. For me, the exhibition has captured what I imagine as memories of both artists lives. Moments of friends, families and travels. Just lovely. If you are in the area this December, you must stop by and have a peep!

Side note: The lighting was not my friend when I snapped this quick shot above, please excuse the poor quality. Eeep!

This weekend was also the final Finders Keepers event for the year and it was a pretty special one too! My dear friend and artiste extraordinaire Hollie Martin was somewhat the darling of the event. Hooray! Hollie is the talent behind so many wonderful pieces it's hard to name just one. She is a water colour genius and a magician when it comes to dreamy aesthetically lovely pieces that often leave you in a daze. Hollie was asked to create the flyer for the Sydney Summer Finders event, (quite possibly the biggest Finders Keepers event of the year but that's just me speculating) and was also given the opportunity to do an install of her amazing geometric pyramids for the stage at the market. To say Hollie had her finger prints all over this event would be an understatement. It looked incredible. Any who enough of me gushing, this was only my second event as a shopper rather than a stall holder and I must say it is so overwhelming to be a shopper! Applause to all the people who brave the crowds (ie; eachother!) every event. I met Hollie smack bang on 10am when the doors opened and already you could not move. It was insane! The quality of the stalls this time around were amazing though and well worth the struggle to move. There were so many wonderful and well made products I had a hard time keeping to my strict budget. I did splurge and purchase a Ginny & Jude piece I have had my eye on for weeks (see below, it's divine!), thank my lucky stars there was still one left in my size. Wooh! I think I will probably live in this blouse all summer. Yes! It was also so lovely to catch up with Ginny & Jude head designer Rabia. She is always such a hoot and I don't see her nearly enough. It was so great to see her summer 2012 collection in full force and to steal a little piece for myself, she is also another crazy talent. Her styling finesse of every collection she does is beyond compare! Sigh.  

Such a perfect way to spend a weekend.

Image 1 by me. Image 2 via Hollie Martin. Image 3 via Ginny & Jude.
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