16 January 2013

Samantha Pleet

There are not enough words to express my adoration for Samantha Pleet. For days I have been trying to articulate everything that I love about her and her label, but it just ended up being a mess of me gushing about how much I wish I was Samantha Pleet and/or how much I wish I worked for her. To summarise and save you all the tragedy of reading my ramblings lets just say she is my inspiration. She is true to her own personal style and taste. She works in a way that is both innovative and environmentally friendly (hello, her Brooklyn studio is wind powered!) and well, from what I've read and seen, she is just lovely. The above images are a sample of her soon to be released Spring/Summer 2013 range and I would wear absolutely everything. Everything. I tell no lie.

To see more visit samanthapleet.com


Images via samanthapleet.com

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