12 March 2013

Like Knows Like

Social media is a complex thing. I struggle with the intention behind it. The busy body in me loves delving into the lives of others so willing to share every tid bit. On the other hand I am reluctant to share much about my own life on these sites. I'm a private person and I'm OK with that. The other week I received a message from a friend, the message ended with "You're so quiet on the social media front." In that same week another friend questioned on Facebook if social media was so apparent in our day to day lives that it was as if things were not real or didn't happen unless they were validated via Instagram or Facebook? It's such a funny notion. That unless your social media following knows that you had a delicious gourmet lunch, then you probably didn't eat it? I completely agree with this theory, but I kind of hate that, that is what social media has become. Which is of course why I didn't really know how to respond to my friends message. Maybe something along the lines of - "Sorry I haven't posted on Instagram in the last six months, but I'm still alive! I swear!" I'm not against social media, I promise. I actually kind of love it (hello I have this blog afterall!). It's such an excellent marketing tool and I have so many wonderful friends using it wisely to expand their small businesses and making some great connections. I guess it's just interesting how it's all evolved.

Funnily enough, I follow artist Kelsey Brookes on Instagram. He creates beautifully abstract pieces that are hard to describe, but somehow mimic or rather reflect his previous work in science. Kelsey is part of a new project called Like Knows Like. Created by Dutch filmmakers Marije Kuiper and Bas Berkhout, Like Knows Like is a comment on social media and it's power to introduce so many talented artists and creatives to a wider audience. The idea behind Like Knows Like is to further the connection made through social media, which most of the time is a shallow representation of a real person. The Like Knows Like documentaries focus on sharing a deeper look into the lives and works of these creatives, how they live and breathe their work and a look at what they really see. The documentaries are then used to promote the artists on their respective social media outlets as well as the talents of the filmmakers themselves.  I love this idea, it's using social media to it's full potential and the documentaries themselves are beautifully made. Now, if it weren't for Instagram I probably wouldn't have come across either Kelsey Brookes or Like Knows Like. Win!

Video c/o Like Knows Like.


hollie said...

aaaaaaaand this is why i like social media..... because its a platform to share wonderful things like this. I am so inspired. I love the way KB talks about his work and his lack of knowing why he does it, but just because it feels right for him and makes him happy. Thats what life is about right? and aesthetically the works are beautiful - i feel a connection with the way he works.

Thanks for posting this Sam! It has inspired my day!

Samantha said...

Such a lovely comment! Finding wonderful things like this is truly the shining light of social media! I wish it was always like this.

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