29 April 2013

April, you've changed.

Life has gotten a little cray. 

This past month has seen change. A lot of change. Of course some change was perpetual. It had been in the works for some months, other change has crept up on me. Silently and creepily waiting for the perfect moment to pounce. I do believe that maybe Mercury really did leave retrograde?! Whatever was the catalyst for this shift in the steady order of things, I'm not complaining. Any sign of change is welcomed by me. Monotony is dull and uninspiring and life around here had seemed lost in limbo for some months now. Any who enough of my riddles. Not all this change has directly effected me, rather those closest to me, but all this movement in the planets has inspired more change and it has created a pleasant domino effect that has been received with open arms by almost all it's recipients. I'm intrigued to see how the rest of the year unfolds.

On a side note the weather around here has been flawless. Winter seems to have retreated for now and it appears as if summer is holding on with every fibre of it's being. The past month has looked exactly like the image above - blue skies and crystal waters with not a breath of wind. 

April you've been splendid. 

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