27 December 2013

Merry Festivus

 Cadiz Spain November 2013

It baffles me that we are a stones throw from 2014 already. It seems like I blinked and an entire year passed. My last six months have been spent flitting about in the Northern Hemisphere. Very unproductive, but very much needed and thoroughly enjoyed. Currently, bunkered down for the winter on the West Coast of Ireland with my brother and his family and it is lovely. This post is boring, but it's Boxing Day, the holy day of laziness, so it's allowed to be. I felt I needed to check in before the year is out so this will have to do.

I've got some plans for 2014, let's see if I can stick to them.

Above is a snap from my trip to Spain in November. My very first venture to Spain. It was absolutely amazing and odd, very odd. But now I am hooked and cannot wait to go back. Below is a clip from musician Solo, aka actress Sophie Lowe. I found this over on Nowness and to put it simply, I love it. Funnily enough the clip was made by actress turned director Bonnie Wright, aka Ginny Weasley from yes, the Harry Potter saga. Ok that's enough of my boring babbles, go bask in your laziness.

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